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spidey love

...for those who love more than just the films

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spidey love

A community for those of us who are fans of Spider-Man in its most recent incarnation as feature films.

In addition to film canon and discussion, this community is open to discussing other incarnations of the popular comic including the various cartoon series and original comic books.

Posting is open to ANYTHING dealing with the Spiderman universe including fanart, icons, fanfiction (all genres and ships), rumors, articles, and websites. We also accept submissions pertaining to the actors, as we primarily are fans of the films.

All we ask is that you are kind and courteous to your fellow members, do not post offensive language unless tagged properly (such as a PG-13 warning on a fic/poem), and not flame. Do that on your own time in your own LJs.

This community is moderated by kiraboshi and velvetphile. All questions and comments can be directed to them.