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Welcome to spidey_love, a live journal community created for those of us who love the Spiderman films so much, we've become a bit obsessive.

We're trying to keep this a community of intelligent discussion and sharing of quality media as a way to set us apart from other Spiderman-related communities on LJ. Membership is open, but please follow these simple guidelines when posting.

1. Use complete sentences. Also, spell-check is a wonderful tool. Sentences with random capitals or dismal grammar will be mocked. It's not hard to paste something into Word to check spelling -- I do that myself with every post.

2. Try to stay on topic. We've set a broad definition of what's considered on topic, so it shouldn't be that hard -- just talk about things relating to Spiderman. :) Not too hard, right?

3. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Some of us have been reading the comics for awhile, while others have recently began reading information on the web. There are tons of resources we can point you to if we don't know the answers.

4. Please LJ cut all longer entries, or icon, art, and fanfic posts. This is just a courtesy to people's friends pages.

And for a little fun, here are some Spidey links on LJ for your enjoyment.

+ kiraboshi (me) has posted a nice collection of Spiderman/Tobey icons. Collection #1 | Collection #2

+ velvetphile made a wonderful Peter/Mary Jane wallpaper as well as a nice Tobey Maguire wallpaper.

+ icon-maker (and all around fun girl) echac graces us with a collection of colorful and impressive Spiderman 1&2 movie icons.

+ Spastic and lovable scout27 asks the question: if liking Spiderman is wrong, I don't want to be right!

+ Another kiraboshi post: is there an audience for Spiderman fanfiction that ISN'T slash or Mary Sue?

Have fun posting!

If you have any Spiderman-related posts you'd like to see listed, email me at kiraboshi [at]
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